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UV Light

Studies Show the Effectiveness of Ultraviolet Light in Killing Microbes.




Ultraviolet light improves your air quality. UV light can be very helpful in maintaining your ( AHU) air handling unit and keeping it clean. UV light is effective in killing certain types of bacteria, that is why it has been used for many years in hospital settings to help control bacteria.


People with asthma and allergies can have better air quality to breath by adding  U.V lights to their AC System.

How Does UV Light Keep Indoor Air Quality High?..

-Prevents the-bio-film that insulates coils so maximum HVAC efficiency is maintained.


- keeps drain pan and lines from clogging with bio-growth.


- stops odor like dirty sock smell caused by bio-contaminated air conditioning systems.


-works in any residential or commercial HVAC system ( up to five-ton ).


-allergy relief ! reduces or eliminates allergens generated inside the air conditioner.


-maximized efficiency 24/7 means energy savings and more responsive HVAC performance.


-Best of all made in USA.


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